What is UrbanUp program?

UrbanUp is an innovative program based on the concept of low-cost housing, constructed with a sustainable approach for the low-income strata of the society.

What are the objectives of the program?
  • To address the need for social housing for a low-income group through sustainable housing design.
  • To create a social enterprise which is sustainable and scalable in the long run.
  • A fundraising model with the support of Crowdfunding, Strategic investors and the voluntary contributions from the beneficiaries.
What is nature of the model?

Sustainable, scalable self-financing model amount collected in the corpus will help build the next set of homes for EWS of the society

What are the unique features of UrbanUp program?

The project supports the highly vulnerable residents by providing permanent housing for the formerly homeless, elderly and disabled residents. The project's unique features make it a replicable model.

Total phases of the project?

Three Phases have been planned with 126 houses

How the proof of income for EWS will be done?

For identification as an EWS beneficiary under the scheme, an individual applicant will submit self-certification affidavit as proof of income.

Whether a beneficiary can avail of benefit under more than one Unit?

No. Under the scheme, a beneficiary can avail the benefit of only one unit.

What is the primary eligibility criteria for the beneficiary ?

Current housing status, Income status, willingness to relocate and to be a part of interactive housing community.

Overall size of the land required for the project

1 Acre

What are the timelines for the program?

The program is expected to kick start in April 2016 and to be live by December 2016.

How many units shall be a part of the UrbanUp?

Total 126 units with 30 units in phase 1 and 48 units each in phases 2 and 3.

How will the beneficiaries be Selected?

UrbanUp Trust will undertake a demand survey through suitable means to assess the actual demand for housing and potential beneficiaries. The information about the eligible beneficiaries from this survey and other available data will be contained in prescribed formats along with interventions selected out for the program. All the information will be accessible on the Urbanup website.

What is the process for allotment of houses to identified eligible beneficiaries?

The allotment shall be made following a transparent procedure as approved by UrbanUp Trust and Beneficiaries selected shall be adhering to the conditions of Urbanup residency. The priority may be given to physically handicapped, senior citizens, single women, While making the allotment, the families with differently-abled persons and senior citizens may be allotted house preferably on the ground floor or lower floors.

What are the benefits of UrbanUp program?

People will get an affordable access to housing which will boost improved health and safety with an increased productivity and better conditions of employment and economic growth by building social cohesion and stability.

What are the sources of funding for UrbanUp?

The primary source of funding would be the Crowdfunding along with the support from the strategic investors and general contributions.

What is UrbanUp Trust?

UrbanUp Trust is a registered Not for profit trust. The trust aims to provide low cost, eco homes to the poor living in the Urban areas.

What are the key challenges faced by the beneficiaries under UrbanUp program?

The design of Urbanup program has been designed in such a way that it would address all the basic issues of the residents/ beneficiaries of the program.

Role of UrbanUp Trust?
  • Identification of beneficiaries
  • Information to the General public/ Media about the UrbanUp program and its benefits.
  • Coordination with the construction and design partners.
  • Allotment of the units.
  • Financial and regulatory support.
  • Strategy framework and partnerships.
  • Provide sustainable design safety, and facilitate community-based economic activities through gradual upgradations of larger community.
  • Resource efficiency through implementation partners.
  • Provide Integrated development of infrastructure services securing linkages between run project sustainability.
  • Good and shared public services, resources and amenities.
  • Climatic design with more focus on fresh air and daylight.
  • community building activities, human scale, social congregation spaces, integrated socio-cultural amenities for the beneficiaries to provide them the flexibility to adapt during relocation.
Who are the strategic investors and what is their role?

The Strategic investors are the strategic partners of the Urbanup projects who would support the project Urbanup on a pro bono basis without any expectations in return.

Is UrbanUp a charitable trust?

Yes, UrbanUp is a registered charitable trust with a 12 A (A) certificate. The contributions to the trust will have 80 G tax benefits.

Under what category of the income tax act can I support the financials?

Relief to the Poor

Where is the project located?

The UrbanUp project is situated on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

What is the optimum size for each unit?

Each 1BHK unit will have an area of 474 sq. ft.

How will the beneficiaries contribute towards the future of the program?

The beneficiaries will contribute by participating in all the activities offered within the Urbanup community and by voluntarily supporting to build the next phase of houses.

What is the legal structure of the program?

The legal aspects of the UrbanUp program are being determined by the by-laws of UrbanUp trust, which is a charitable trust registered under the income tax act 12 A.(A).

Whom should i contact for investor relations?

Benefactors can contact Urbanup Trust by sending a mail to mihir.menda@gmail.com.

Where will I find more information about the UrbanUp project?

Benefactors can visit our website www.urbanup.org, for any information regarding the project.

What are the bank account details of the Urbanup trust?

The account details are as follows:
Account Name: "Urbanup Trust"
Account No: 89240100003037
Account Type: Savings Bank account
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch & Address: #325, Indiranagar Branch, C.M.H Road, Bangalore - 560 038