Mudhe Gowda's Story

While living in a vibrant urban environment is a dream for many, for Mudhe Gowda the dream has remained just that. With high hopes, he arrived in Bangalore 20 years ago, but life in the city has not been kind to him and his family. His story is a glimpse into a world of suffering and hardships; a constant battle to keep hopes alive.

Mudhe Gowda earns his living as a housekeeper, residing in a small rented house in Dinnur, with his family, deprived of electricity and even the most basic levels of sanitation. Due to his low income, he has to struggle to make ends meet each day. Even while facing seemingly impossible obstacles, he still hopes for a better future.

So, we at UrbanUp decided to make this possible with our sustainable homes and urban features, and help his family live life to the fullest.