H.N.Ravindra's Story

My name is H.N.Ravindra, I came to Bangalore 15 years back in search of a job to support my family in a better way. I did a lot of odd jobs like working in clinics and small hospitals as a cleaner to feed myself in my beginning days at Bangalore. After struggling for months, I got a housekeeper job with a private company which pays Rs.10000 per month. Since I had a proper job now, I rented a small house for 4000 per month, to shift my family with me. My wife spends the entire day in being a housewife by taking care of my three and a half-year-old son and my aged mother. Since the preschools also charge a lot of money for admission these days, it has become very difficult to afford decent education to my child.

Nearly half of my salary goes for my house monthly rent and mortgage payments while I have to balance the medical bills of my mother and the maintain household requirements with the remaining. The needs keep growing every day, So I am unable to think of a future where my son is having proper education and my family living peacefully, as I struggle to make the ends meet and I am not equipped to handle it yet. In this struggling phase, UrbanUp has come up with an idea of Crowdfunding to provide low-cost housing to benefit the people like me who are struggling to fulfil dreams on their own, eliminating the inclusion of rogue landlords and distressing letting agents’ fees.

With this initiative, I can now save the money spent on rent to use it for my child's education.